Saturday, May 31, 2008

Happy June!

Wow, June already. Summer's here. Now it'll be hard to stay inside & do work. Too bad I can't build on a screened-in porch to set my studio up in! Things at MSD have been quite busy lately...a marathon week of scrapbooking to meet a contest deadline, a wonderfully fun invitation job, gift creations and lots of other miscellaneous projects. One thing I haven't been working on lately is my painting & collage work. I'm hoping to get to that once things slow down over the next few weeks. So, check our Etsy shop in a few weeks for some new goodies. Also, our Cafe Press shop has been overhauled recently, see what you think...OK, onto planning my summer fun, oh, I mean work.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Spring at Last!

Ah, Thank God! I love this stage of spring when the leaves are so delicate and the prettiest, freshest shade of green. I like to call it "chartreuse". I think I learned that one from Martha.And the sky seems bluer, somehow. We're loving all the sunshine and birdsong and fresh air.I want to start using colors in my artwork like chartreuse, sky blue, palest pink, and creamy, buttery yellow.
                  Enjoy your Spring!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

New Friends, New Earrings!

I made friends with two awesome jewelry designers last weekend at a vendor show I did. Naturally, I had to buy some of their treasures. First, Christina Bracale-amazing, mother of three boys and entrepreneur!- of Little Trend Setters custom made these beauties for me:

Cool, huh? I love them.
Then there's my new Etsy Guru, Janice, of  Destiny's Creations. Are these not gorgeous? I had a hard time choosing from all of her beautiful creations.

Check these ladies out. They are two beautiful women, inside and out, with beautiful jewelry.